When life throws shit at you, there are a number of things you can do.

Denying you are covered in shit might be a good idea in the very short term while you are coming to terms with suddenly being covered in shit, but it doesn't seem to be a very good idea beyond that.

Ignoring being covered in shit might actually be a good call if, for example, that bucket of shit was just a warning about an incoming tsunami of shit. That bucketful of shit isn't your biggest problem right now, but in the longer term you don't want to ignore the fact that you are covered in shit.

Once you have enough room to think, quickly and efficiently cleansing yourself of the shit is a rational and perfectly sensible thing to do, but there is a better approach.

Don't just cover yourself in disinfectant. Instead, scrape some of the shit off your face (you are covered in shit, after all) but don't throw it away. No, you want to inspect the shit. Analyse it. Look at it through a microscope, a telescope and a kaleidoscope.

Pick it up, smell it, squash it, hit it and see how it feels to throw it back. Deconstruct the shit. Break it down and rebuild it. See what it's made of and how it reacts. See how you react. See what happens when you turn it upside down and inside out.

Question it. Is it really shit? Maybe it's gold! Question your idea of what shit is. Look at this shit from as many different angles and in as many different ways as you can.

This is a much longer, dirtier and more painful method than just jumping in the shower or busting out the baby wipes but is a better solution long term. After all, until you fully understand exactly what the shit is, how can you expect to build a factory that turns shit into joy?