This is the email I quickly sent myself immediately after my first out of body experience:

I was falling asleep, on and off, on top of my bed fairly early in the evening. It felt like I had woken up and thought I was walking through to the sitting room but something was odd because there was a door on it (there isn’t a door on my sitting room entrance) and it was closed. Somewhat like a lucid dream.

I turned away from the door and suddenly I was back lying on my bed again, still feeling I was awake, but I could sense someone behind me, spooning me. I was only able to turn around very slowly (and could never quite see my face), but I soon realised it was me, dressed exactly like I was and in exactly the same position as me. After what felt like a minute or so of this, I woke up.

Very cool and very much like sleep paralysis but not scary at all.