A few times, during a prolonged and EXTREMELY intense period of stress, mental strain and anguish, I felt so elated that I went into a state best described as a kind of psychotic energy. It felt like a massive emotional release of some sort but was also physically exhilarating and a little bit scary.

It happened once as I was walking next to the river listening to some bangin' music. I started to get really into the dancing, but that quickly led me to involuntarily start jumping up and down as high as I could, while punching and kicking the air as hard as possible, all while screaming "YEEEEEEEEES" at the top of my voice. It was awesome and I didn't want it to stop, but after an estimated minute or so of this I managed to stop myself because I was getting really worried that I was going to damage myself in some way. I felt like I was using all of my body to its physical limit - I could feel every muscle was contracting and expanding with as much force as it could, as quickly as possible.

Another time, which was a bit more dangerous, was when I was driving down the motorway at 80mph. Fortunately it was a triple carriageway and quiet so I was able to slow down a little while I grippped the wheel as tight as I was able, screamed at the top of my voice again and repeatedly slammed my whole body back against the chair as hard and as fast as I possibly could. Again, fortunately I was able to reign it in before I injured myself in the car or crashed - it was over a bit faster this time and the experience was a just a little bit less intense.

It happened again in the car (twice in the car felt like rough luck) a few months later, again for a shorter and slightly less intense time.

It hasn't happened for quite a long time now and I don't think it ever will again. I hope I'm never again in a situation that primes my brain to release like that, but if I am I think I would have totally different coping strategies.

Great experiences. I loved them and they were just the right side of freaky.